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clergy ye shall find many children of the world. They do execrate and detest the world (being nev


ertheless their father) in words and outward signs; but in heart and works they coll and kiss him.[3


77] They show themselves to be as sober as Curius the Roman was,[378] and live every


day as if all their life were a shroving time (a carnival). I see many such among t

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devil has begotten the worl d, and the world in its turn
has many children. There is m
y Lady Pri de, Dame G luttony, M
istress Avaric img e, Lady Le
chery, and o img thers, tha
t now hard and sca img img
nt ye ma img img
y find any corner, img img
any kind of l img img
ife, whe img img
re many of his child ren be

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he bishops, abbots, priors, archdeacons, deans, and others of that sort, who are met together in this convocation, to take into consideration all that concerns the glory of Christ and the wealth of the

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people of England. The world has sent us some of its whelps.[379] What have you been doing these seven years and more? Show us what the English have gained by your long and great assemblies. Have {183

Ro Kanth


} they become even a hair's breadth better? In God's name, what have you done?—so great fathers, so many, so long a season, so oft assembled together—what have you done? Two things: the one, that you

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have burnt a dead man (William Tracy); the other, that ye went about to burn one being alive.